Quantcast Items Comprising Metascope AN/PAS-6

standard flashlight would be used, or to detect enemy
infrared sources.
b. Light Source MX7987/PAS-6. Light Source
MX-7987/PAS-6, hereafter called the light source, is
basically a flashlight with an infrared filter over the
r e f l e c t o r . It illuminates the area of interest with
infrared radiation.
c. Metascope SU-43/PAS-6. M e t a s c o p e S U 4 3 /
PAS6, hereafter called the metascope, is basically a
monocular containing an image tube which converts
i n f r a r e d radiation to visible light. It will detect
objects when illuminated by the light source or any
other infrared light source.
d. Carrying Case.  The canvas carrying case is
fitted with clips for attachment to a standard pistol
or rifle belt.
e. Additional lnformation. If you need a detailed
description of the AN/PAS-6, ask your supervisor to
s e e TM 11585523923.
1-5. Items Comprising Metascope AN/PAS-6
The items listed in table 1-1 make up an operable
M e t a s c o p e AN/PAS-6, FSN 5855790-6197.
Normal operating
range . . . . . . . . . -15 F (-26 C) to 115 F (46 C).
Magnification . . . . . . 1.1.
Focus range . . . . . 12 in. to infinity.
Field of view . . . . . . 26 minimum.


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